Tribeca is a company that dedicates itself to provide you with colour, confort and design for your bathroom.

We build modern and customizable shower trays at great prices.

Our shower trays are built with polyurethane resin, mineral charges, dolomites and glass powder. Finished with a 500 micre gelcoat coating.

All these components provide our shower trays  with characteristics that make them  stand out from similar products offered in the market:

We are manufacturers. We build our shower trays, that means we have the flexibility to be able to adapt ourselves to your needs and the capacity to offer you very competitive prices.

We manufacture in the European Union and we follow strict quality procedures with a thorough component selection in order to be able to offer you  maximum quality at the best price.

Due to the components used and the way they are built, Tribeca shower trays are up to 45% lighter than other shower trays in the market. That means easier transportation, handling and installation.


The gelcoat finish in our shower trays confers them antibacterial properties that contribute to your bathrooms' hygiene and to your well-being!

The gelcoat finishing in our shower trays confers them with antislipping characteristics: C3 antislipping texture (UNE_EN certificate), and they are soft to the touch too!

Our shower trays have great toughness and resistance wich allows them to be ultrathin (2.8cm thick).

Our Shower trays'  gelcoat layer makes them hygienic and very easy to clean.

If you have specific tastes and needs you can order your shower tray of the size and RAL colour you desire. Please check out with your local dealer prices and delivery terms.

We offer our shower trays in seven different base colours: black (RAL 9005), white (RAL 9003), graphite (RAL7016), cement (RAL 7037), silver (RAL 9006), chocolate (RAL 8017) and ivory (RAL 1015). We also offer a large combination of lengths and widths. And as said previously, if they don't fit your needs or likes you can always ask for a customized configuration!

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