Product characteristics

Tribeca shower trays are built in accordance with the technical norms that apply to the product and through a rigorous selection of polyester resins in combination with a special type of mineral charges that allow us to reduce the final weight of our shower trays, while conferring them high resistance and minimizing their humidity absorption rates (0,1%).

Our shower trays have a sanitary gelcoat surface treatment that prevents bacterial proliferation, improves your foothold on the shower tray and gives each piece its personal finish.

All our products are manufactured under strict quality controls that certify their optimal functionality.

Tribeca shower tray properties

  • Heat and temperature change resistant.
  • Impact resistant
  • Hygienic antibacterial surface
  • Easy cleaning and maintenance.
  • Hardness equal to that of natural stone.
  • Chemically withstands the use of standard cleaning products-
  • Easy application of designs in the transformation process.
  • 2 year warranty covering any defect in the manufacturing process.
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